Reduce emissions for light commercial vehicles and avoid city bans

Upgrade your vehicle from Euro 5 to Euro 6 and reduce emissions of light commercial vehicles significantly.

Reduce emissions by upgrading your vehicle to Euro 6 for emission control zone compliance

In towns and cities across the UK, the government has introduced a number of emission control zones to help improve air quality. Vehicles travelling within these zones are now required to meet tighter emission standards equivalent to Euro 6/VI. There are a number of different zones implemented in the UK, including Clean Air Zones, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and Low Emission Zones (LEZs).​

Owners of Euro 5/V light commercial vehicles should be aware that there is an alternative to buying a Euro 6 vehicle to gain emission zone compliance. HJS have developed a range of SCR exhaust systems that can be retrofitted onto Euro 5 vans. Upon completion of the retrofit, the vehicle will be recognised as being in compliance with Euro 6 emission standards which is the requirement to gain charge free access to these emission zones.

Retrofitting involves adding a HJS Emission Technology catalyst and an Adblue injection system to the vehicle’s chassis in order to reduce the NOx emissions from the vehicle. Retrofit solutions are available for a large range of Euro 5 vans, minibuses, and Land Rover Defenders. Retrofitted vehicles will be compliant across all UK emission control zones – the ULEZ ,LEZ and CAZ’s throughout the UK.

To assist Londoner’s with non-compliant vehicles, the Mayor of London has launched a £110m scrappage/retrofit scheme. The scheme provides a contribution of £6000 to retrofit vans or minibuses, an option that many will find more affordable and attractive than replacing vehicles. The scrappage scheme application process is a simple online form and vehicle owners will be required to provide evidence to prove their identity and eligibility. In other areas of the UK many local authorities have similar support schemes to assist vehicle owners.

Upon completion of the HJS retrofit upgrade, an installation certificate is provided to the vehicle owner and HJS submits the details to the Energy Savings Trust (EST) who are responsible for updating the ANPR camera database to show the vehicle as being compliant.

HJS products are based on over 25 year’s experience in diesel emission reduction technology and meet all of the requirements set out by the Energy Saving Trust Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS).

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Key benefits of our Euro 5 to Euro 6 Upgrade

Upgrading your fleet from Euro 5 to Euro 6 engines delivers a range of significant advantages for your business and the environment. Let’s explore the key benefits of making the switch to cleaner, more efficient technology.

Applications available for the following vehicles

Ready to unlock the power of a Euro 6 upgrade? See which vehicle types within your fleet can benefit from this transformative technology.

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Stop paying ULEZ Charges and upgrade your Euro 5 van to Euro 6 emissions

Find out how to upgrade your vehicle with state of the art NO2-reduction to avoid city bans and retrofit your van with HJS UK.


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