Clean Air Technologies to reduce emissions for a Greener Tomorrow with HJS UK

Leading clean air innovation since 1976. HJS UK develops cutting-edge exhaust technology for all vehicles. We partner with you to reduce emissions and meet air quality standards. Breathe easier, achieve your clean air goals. Let’s build a greener future, together.

Reducing emissions in your industry

Discover how HJS UK is transforming clean air solutions and emission technology across the UK. Dive into our five core business areas and see how we’re improving vehicles and reduce emissions for a greener tomorrow.

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Explore our news for product updates, industry insights, and success stories driving a greener future.

About our company

Founded in 1976, HJS fights for clean air. We develop and install technology to reduce emissions from vehicles, helping cities meet air quality standards and creating a greener future.


For over 40 years, HJS has established itself as an innovative company with national and international benchmarks for the automotive industry.


HJS has been developing technologies for environmentally friendly mobility as the basis for a clean future since the 1980s.


Our project and infrastructure enables flexible and individual implementation of projects at attractive costs.


We owe our business success not only to the high quality of our products and processes, but also to their continuous improvement.

Stop paying ULEZ Charges and upgrade your Euro 5 van to Euro 6 emissions

Find out how to upgrade your vehicle with state of the art NO2-reduction to avoid city bans and retrofit your van with HJS UK.

Dive into HJS UK’s business areas

HJS UK is on a mission to create a cleaner future. We partner with local authorities, bus/coach operators, and businesses to tackle harmful emissions and meet ever-stricter air quality standards. Discover how we can help you achieve your clean air goals.