Rolling Stock Show

HJS have played a significant part in reducing rail sector generated emissions for several years providing operating companies in Germany and the UK with retrofit emission reduction exhaust systems. Many DMU’s have been equipped with its innovative Sintered Metal Filter (SMF) technology for the reduction of Particulate Matter. 

Due to its unique design, the HJS SMF has some significant advantages in comparison to conventional honeycomb filters in terms of ash loading capacity and cleanability resulting in significantly lower ownership costs over its life time.  The ash loading capacity of an SMF is approximately 1.8 times higher than a conventional particulate filter which leads to up to 30% more operating hours between cleaning cycles. 

The SMF has an open pocket structure allowing access to any ash stored which can then be cleaned in depot using a conventional pressure washer.  In summary, the HJS SMF offers some key advantages when compared to conventional DPF systems. 

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