HJS offers Tradespeople the option to 
upgrade their Euro 5 van for ULEZ compliance

Tradespeople operating Euro 5 light commercial vehicles in the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) may not be aware that HJS Emission Technology have developed a range of retrofit exhaust systems that can be installed onto Euro 5 vans, upgrading them for compliance with Euro 6 emission standards.

Many tradespeople have customised or specially adapted their vehicles and therefore replacing their van for a newer Euro 6 vehicle is not a viable option. The HJS SCR retrofit solution involves the installation of a HJS Emission Technology manufactured catalyst, together with an Adblue injection system which is mounted to the vehicle’s chassis which then provides a reduction in pollutants. HJS are currently the only company who have developed a retrofit solution available for vans. Alternative options for compliance are purchasing a Euro 6-compliant vehicle, paying the daily charge or not travelling within an emission control zone.

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